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Braver Stronger Smarter was developed by Dr Terri Simpkin; a forward thinking academic, professional consultant and public speaker.

She has been working with private organisations, industry representative bodies, public sector organisations and governments across the globe for two decades, assisting to develop intelligent, aligned and overall, better workplaces.

As part of her current mission, Terri is working to bring robust clarity to individuals and teams so that they can be their brightest selves and live into their potential.

Recognising that moving toward personal insight takes time and vision, Braver Stronger Smarter delivers professional coaching to individuals and groups.

Preeta Cooley brings a powerful blend of business experience and psychological insight, with a real passion for enabling people to be their best self and achieve their full potential through awareness and real action.

A recognised Braver Stronger Smarter accredited coach, she works below the surface of what is presented to create the kind of sustainable change in mindset and behaviours that accelerate performance, and helps people thrive.

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What We Do

We help organisations create opportunities for people to be better each day than they were the day before; better at work and feeling better about their achievements in all areas of life.

Based on sound, empirical research and an understanding of organisational practice, we provide activities and services that educate, entertain and engage.

Braver Stronger Smarter is part of a broad range of services designed and delivered by Mischief Business Engineering Ltd.

The programme presents a consolidated suite of contemporary workshops, research, policy advice and professional consulting services. It addresses key issues faced by today's workplaces and communities.

We see the big picture and variously work with entire organisations, teams and individuals to enable positive and practical change.

“ are braver than you believe,
and stronger than you seem,
and smarter than you think.”
(A. A. Milne)


Talk to us about how to get
more from your diversity and inclusion
practices and how to create a workplace that
recognises talent wherever it may be.
Bespoke programmes a speciality.

Consultancy & bespoke programmes


Media & Public Speaking

We love talking! Contact Terri for news and research on Impostor Phenomenon and related topics. Terri is experienced in print, TV & radio (live and delayed broadcast) and is an engaging public speaker.

Sarah Millican's Standard Issue team interview Dr Terri Simpkin on her work and research into the impostor phenomenon.
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Ryk Goddard from ABC Australia interviews Dr Terri Simpkin about her work into the imposter phenomenon.
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The Business Transformation Network interview Dr Terri Simpkin on the subject of Hiring for Diversity, Hiring for Inclusivity or Just Hiring?
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Leigh Chambers from Cambridge 105 Radio interviews Dr Terri Simpkin the work she’s done on Imposter Syndrome.
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Recent Activity

From Faker to Fabulous - Australian Human Resources Institute, Hobart, Australia

The Workplace Implications of the Impostor Phenomenon in STEM - CSIRO - Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne

Panel session 'Hiring for Diversity, Hiring for Inclusivity or Just Hiring' - Excellence in Leadership Summit, London

NHS Sheffield - Coach Braver Stronger Smarter

The Bird Table - Impostor Phenomenon for Coaches

Cambridge University - Learn Braver Stronger Smarter

Anglia Ruskin University Doctoral School - Learn Braver Stronger Smarter

Workplace Phonies - The Automotive 30% Club

Feeling Phoney? Join The Club - Cambridge University Festival of Ideas

The Impostor Phenomenon - The Rising Network, Cambridge

Impostor Phenomenon Workshop - SPE Women in Energy, London

Impostor Phenomenon Workshop – Chelmsford Ideas Festival

IP Workshop – She is Sustainable, Cambridge

Feel like a fraud? Join the club – Anglia Ruskin University Women’s Network, Cambridge and Chelmsford

Impostor Phenomenon Lecture – Essex Police Senior Women’s Group

Unconscious Bias – Essex Police & Kent Police

Impostor Phenomenon – Anglia Ruskin University Women’s Network, Cambridge and Chelmsford

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About Us


Dr Terri Simpkin

Founder: Mischief Business Engineering

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Dr Terri Simpkin is an industry experienced academic with a broad background in education (Higher Education, Further Education, Corporate Education & Professional Development) as a lecturer and academic manager.

She has worked around the globe with organisations as far flung as Trinidad, Malaysia and Tasmania. Her sphere of expertise extends to industries such as the global data centre sector, FMCG, tourism and hospitality, government agencies and professional services.

Her areas of professional and research capability include contemporary leadership & management, gender issues, organisational behaviour, human resources and what makes organisations work well.

Terri has a fascination for workforce challenges and emerging managerial paradigms, she's bestotted with the work of Terry Pratchett and is a rabid Duran Duran fan.

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Preeta Cooley

Head of Coaching


Preeta Cooley focuses on transformational executive development and loves coaching high-impact leaders juggling challenges, asking new questions and confronting the need to develop and transform themselves and their teams.

As well as coaching expertise, Preeta draws upon her board-level operational and leadership experience, including P&L responsibility within a multi-million technology PLC. Coupled with first-hand practical experience of leading change and developing high-performing teams in exponential growth, M&A, transformation and funded start-up environments. She is also an entrepreneur who established and sold a successful retail business start-up.

Preeta works creatively with a diverse range of coaching approaches, enabling her to tailor a unique approach to each client. She places great emphasis on developing exceptional coaching relationships that become the space in which clients can experience self-development.


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