Braver Stronger Smarter

Coaches all over the world are working with people who secretly feel like impostors in their own roles...
...we can help you to help them realise and live into their potential.

The impostor phenomenon (aka impostor syndrome) is rampant. As a professional coach, particularly one working with high achievers, it's almost certain you'll be working with people who secretly fear being called out as a fake and fear the inevitable horror of being found out.
You'll be familiar with people telling of stress, anxiety and frustration associated with fear of failure, fear of success and lack of confidence - often despite a track record of achievement.
Coach Braver Stronger Smarter is designed to help coaches recognise the tell tale signs of the impostor phenomenon in clients and help them to achieve responses to it.
Working on a personal level, but recognising how workplaces can fuel impostor experiences, the programme leverages your own capabilities and methods as a coach to achieve greater impact from the coaching relationship.

"In my mind, I know I can take on the world, but I’m terrified someone will find out I’m faking it."
Research respondent, Impostor Phenomenon in Women in STEM 2017

What you will learn

Coach Braver Stronger Smarter

(full day interactive workshop for professional coaches and those with a coaching role)

A day of collaborative insight will identify how you can make a contribution to the way others approach their place in a complex world and how their true capabilities can be revealed for greater personal and professional satisfaction.
The programme assists coaches to –
Accurately understand what the impostor phenomenon is and how it comes to be.
Generate clarity about the complexity and paradoxes of the phenomenon and how people experience it.
Appreciate the breadth and depth of impacts on individuals and those around them.
Recognise the cycle of 'impostor' thoughts and behaviours.
Identify the verbal and physical language of the 'impostor.'
Explore the sources of impostor experiences.
Establish a suite of responses to assist in the coaching relationship.
Help coachees successfully work toward a more positive 'story' for their personal and professional lives.
Achieve better outcomes and leverage other coaching practices and interventions.

Coach Braver Stronger Smarter is an evidence-based programme leveraging forty years of empirical research and current global investigation into the impostor phenomenon and associated constructs by Dr Terri Simpkin.

Who Should Attend?

Coaches working with executives
Life coaches
Professional workplace coaches
Leaders and managers with a coaching role
Counsellors working in the education sector

Coming in 2019

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