"There is simply no other leadership development programme quite like this"

Enhancing the power of over forty years of research with a revolutionary framework that provides a multi-dimensional view of leadership.

This is a programme designed to advance your leadership capacities for a complex world.

Overcome inherent barriers to leadership and personal success.

What is the Impostor Phenomenon?

The impostor phenomenon has been researched for over forty years and still, people struggle with it everyday.

An illogical, but very real, feeling of being an impostor is preventing the advancement of highly skilled leaders and diverse leadership teams.

Current research also indicates that the impact and consequences of the impostor phenomenon are associated with toxic workplaces and poor leadership.

What you will learn

Using the revolutionary framework of The GC Index® you'll radically rethink how you can nurture key talents for greater impact.

The key to achieving long-term success is to transform individual action into collective power. Using your unique individual profile, understand how you can best contribute and make an impact as a leader and as part of a team in a complex world.

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Who should attend?

People with leadership responsibilities in a changing, volatile or complex environment.

Leaders with a passion to enhance their own capacities to get the best from themselves and their teams.

Professionals with a desire to leverage a growth agenda.

Individuals with an interest in creating, retaining and developing a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Individuals who recognise that insight and personal mastery are the keys to career advancement.

Why is this programme different?

Never before has four decades of empirical research into the impostor phenomenon been melded with such a powerful leadership framework and applied with a commercial lens.

The programme brings together innovative, complementary evidence based frameworks to measure an individual's impact.

A day of deep insight illustrates how everyone can make a greater contribution in a complex world.

Recognising the principles of multi-dimensional leadership, the programme showcases how your behaviours can make a tangible impact.

Recognise the principles of multi-dimensional leadership and personal mastery.

What you will get

Your GC Index® full report will give you practical insights into your natural aptitudes and inclinations, informing how you can maximise your ability to create and make sense of new ideas and how to make them happen.

A bespoke set of materials.

A full day of interactive discussion, insight and activity.

An understanding of your authentic leadership style.

Models, methods and tools to overcome barriers to personal success.

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