Braver Stronger Smarter

"In my mind, I know I can take on the world, but I’m terrified someone will find out I’m faking it."
Research respondent, Impostor Phenomenon in Women in STEM

Current research indicates that much of the malaise (and perhaps, toxicity) organisations are experiencing is grounded in experiences of the impostor phenomenon of their people.
Fear of success, rampant perfectionism, fear of failure and limited self-confidence is stifling role satisfaction, reducing engagement and feeding bias and discrimination in workplaces all over the globe.
Work Braver Stronger Smarter is designed to help organisations realise latent high-achievement potential, build talent pipelines and diminish implicit bias in systems and behaviours.
Working on a personal and organisational level, the interlocking programme uses creative methods to achieve greater impact from diversity and inclusion practices, talent management and leadership development structures.

Organisations all over the world have latent talent, unexplored creativity and practices that actively feed bias. Something needs to change...
...we’re on it!

Taster Sessions

for short, sharp CPD or special interest groups (e.g. diversity and inclusion)
Braver Stronger Smarter

for individuals and teams
Work Braver Stronger Smarter

for leaders, human resources professionals, inclusion managers
Lead Braver Stronger Smarter

An inspiring leadership development programme for current and aspiring leaders
Bespoke Programmes

We'll design something just for you and your people

What you will learn

Taster Sessions

(introductory seminars, pilot programmes and short workshops - perfect for 'lunch and learn' seminars or CPD sessions)

Learn what the imposter phenomenon is, what it is not and where it comes from.
This short session offers a broad overview of how to diminish the feeling of being a fake or simply not being 'good enough'.
Recognise ways in which the experience and belief of being an 'impostor' can be diminished to overcome fear of failure, perfectionism and self-limiting beliefs
Identify how workplace structures, processes and leadership behaviours are fuelling the impostor phenomenon among teams and organisations.

Braver Stronger Smarter Workshop

(full day immersive workshop for teams and individuals)

The interactive, immersive workshop goes beyond awareness raising and provides individuals with tools and insight to identify and diminish their internal 'impostor'.
Learn what the impostor phenomenon is and where it comes from.
Appreciate the breadth and depth of impact of fear of failure/fear of success.
Learn how to reduce anxiety and the fear of 'not being good enough'.
Recognise the cycle of 'impostor' thoughts and behaviours and learn how to stop it.
Identify ways of diminishing impostor feelings to take advantage of promotional opportunities.
Establish a suite of responses to unlock latent confidence and leverage professional potential.

Who Should Attend?

Individuals who know they can achieve more, but struggle to realise their personal potential.
People in who experience a sense of 'not being good enough' despite evidence to suggest otherwise.
High achievers who experience stress or anxiety about maintaining past successes.
People who experience a sense of 'not belonging' or feeling like an impostor.
Aspiring leaders and managers.

"With every success they think, 'I was lucky this time, fooling everyone, but will my luck hold?’ When will people discover that I’m not up to the job?'"
Professor Manfred Kets de Vries

Work Braver Stronger Smarter Collaborative Workshop

(full day bespoke workshop for leaders, managers, diversity and inclusion teams and human resources professionals)

Bias, gender pay gaps and discrimination are often thought to be intractable workplace problems that fuel a cycle of impostorism in organisational culture, behaviours and structures. A day of collaborative insight will identify how your workplace systems and structures can better leverage latent talent, encourage innovation and creativity, and reduce implicit bias.
The highly interactive programme assists workplace leaders and managers to –
Accurately understand what the impostor phenomenon is, how it comes to be and how your workplace 'feeds' it.
Appreciate the breadth and depth of consequences of the impostor phenomenon on an organisation and its mission/objectives
Improve the value of diversity and inclusion programmes.
Identify ways of diminishing impostor feelings to reduce burnout, Improve engagement and improve talent development.
Establish a suite of responses to unlock latent leadership talent and improve resilience for a complex business context.
Generate a more inclusive, people centric suite of systems and processes to strip out implicit bias.
Reduce gender pay gaps and build inclusive governance structures.

Who Should Attend?

Leaders, managers and staff of teams, departments or entire organisations.
Human resources professionals.
Talent management professionals.
Diversity and inclusion managers.
Cultural change managers.

See also Lead Braver Stronger Smarter

A radically different leadership development programme for current and aspiring leaders.

Bespoke programmes

All workshops and seminars can be tailored to specific audiences and workplaces.
Professional development/CPD
Leadership development
Diversity and inclusion activities
Graduate development programmes
Talent management/retention/development initiatives
Cultural and structural change initiatives
Performance management and improvement
Behavioural realignment programmes (Unconscious/Implicit Bias)


(individual programme or group coaching)

Enhance personal mastery and improve resilience for individuals and teams, leaders and staff.
Work with accredited coaches to unravel underlying assumptions that fuel and perpetuate impostor feelings and experiences. Bespoke programmes with one to one coaching programmes or group coaching sessions can be arranged.

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