"In my mind I know I can take on the world, but I'm terrified someone will find out I'm faking it."

A fear of failure, fear of success, a creeping feeling that at some point someone is bound to find out you're pretending to be competent and a crushing obsession with perfectionism are all common to the impostor phenomenon.
It's driven by social and workplace structures and the fear, although real, is probably entirely unfounded.
So why do you feel this way? How might this be different?
Hot on the heels of sell out sessions last year, Nancy Swain, Federal Hotels - Tourism and Alayne Baker, The Australian HR Institute are proud to support a professional development programme like no other.
Join Dr Terri Simpkin as she brings her evidence based, interactive masterclass to Hobart. Based on her own global research and building on forty years of investigation, Faker to Fabulous unlocks insight that will explore your 'stories' and give you tools to address impostor experiences.
Places are strictly limited to a small group workshop so early bookings are recommended.
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What is it?

The Faker to Fabulous Masterclass delves deep into over forty years of research investigating the impostor phenomenon (it's not a syndrome!!) providing an evidence based, entertaining exploration of what's holding you back from realising potential.
If you’re a leader, this session will also provide insights on how to identify the 'impostors' in your team and how you can work to help them bring their brightest selves to their work.
This interactive session uses a range of methods to explore social, personal and workplace factors that contribute to the very real feeling of being less than you know yourself to be.

Why should I book?

Think you know what the impostor phenomenon is?
Think again...
While it's been a popular topic on social media recently, the breadth and impact of it on individuals, teams and families is not widely reported. Faker to Fabulous takes a deeper dive into the sources and responses to imposter experiences and behaviours.
Learn what the imposter phenomenon really is and where it comes from.
Explore how the 'impostor cycle' works and how it locks you into a recurring self-limiting narrative that can last a lifetime if not recognised.
Unravel your 'stories' and explore how you've learned to feel like a phoney and more importantly, what you can do about it!
Learn how the workplace and society 'fuels' the impostor experience and how to recognise it in your own professional and personal life.
As a manager, learn how you can modify your leadership approach to encourage others to bring their best selves to work.
Explore how you can live into your potential and realise your most fabulous self.

When? Where? How much?

21st March, 2019
Join us at the iconic Henry Jones Art Hotel
Art Installation Suite,
Hunter Street, Hobart.
Morning coffee at 09:30.
Workshop 10:00 until 16:00.
Investment for the small group workshop starts with a preferential rate for Australian HR Institute members at $180. Early Bird rates apply so book early and secure your place. Spaces are strictly limited (really, they actually are!).
Find out more and book via Eventbrite.
This event is made possible by Nancy Swain, Federal Hotels - Tourism and Alayne Baker, Australian HR Institute for sponsorship and support (thanks, ladies!)
For more information about Dr Terri Simpkin or to learn more about her work go to www.braverstrongersmarter.com
Contact Dr Terri Simpkin DrTerriS@uptomischief.co.uk
See you there...

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