Braver Stronger Smarter

"Right up until the point I was due to receive my award, I believed someone had made a mistake... I shouldn’t have been doing a PhD."
Lecturer and PhD Supervisor, Anglia Ruskin University

Fear of success, fear of failure and limited confidence about being in a scholar’s role can irreparably dim the potential of those most capable of achieving great things.
Impostor experiences will stifle satisfaction, creativity and accomplishment in students through stress, performance anxiety and abandonment of study – most notably in higher education.
Learn Braver Stronger Smarter is designed to help people recognise and embrace their scholarly potential by recognising and diminishing the feeling of not fitting in or being incapable.
Working with individuals and supervisors/teachers, the programme provides insight to enable scholars to make the most of their time at school, college or university free of impostor experiences.
Learning from this programme also enables people to develop resilience and a self-belief that will serve them well into their working lives.

Learn Braver Stronger Smarter is an evidence-based programme leveraging forty years of empirical research and current global investigation by Dr Terri Simpkin.

What you will learn

Taster Sessions

(introductory seminars and short workshops)

Learn what the imposter phenomenon is, what it is not and where it comes from.
This short session offers a broad overview of how to diminish the feeling of being a fake or simply not being ‘good enough’ at school, college or university.
Recognise ways in which the experience and belief of being an ‘impostor’ can be diminished to overcome fear of failure, perfectionism and self-limiting beliefs in scholarly roles.

Learn Braver Stronger Smarter Workshop

(full day immersive workshop)

The interactive, immersive workshop goes beyond awareness raising and provides individuals with tools and insight to identify and diminish the scholarly 'impostor'.
Learn what the impostor phenomenon is and where it comes from.
Appreciate the breadth and depth of impact of fear of failure/fear of success on scholarly activity.
Learn how to reduce anxiety and the fear of 'not being good enough'.
Recognise the cycle of 'impostor' thoughts and behaviours and learn how to stop it.
Identify ways of diminishing impostor feelings to take advantage of scholarship, research and work opportunities.
Establish a suite of responses to unlock latent confidence and leverage scholarly potential.

Bespoke Programmes

All workshops and seminars can be tailored to specific audiences.

PhD/Doctoral Schools
Supervisor's/Teacher's Professional Development/CPD
Women in Technology Groups
Inclusion Activities
'Welcome' or 'Freshers' Induction Programmes
Employability Initiatives
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(individual programme or group coaching for students)

Enhance personal mastery and improve resilience as a scholar (student or academic).
Work with accredited coaches to unravel underlying assumptions that fuel and perpetuate impostor feelings and experiences. Bespoke programmes with one to one coaching programmes or group coaching sessions can be arranged.
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"I was convinced that once I’d submitted my thesis the truth would be out - everyone would know that there had been some horrible mistake and I had been faking it all along."
Successful PhD Candidate, University of Tasmania

Who Should Attend?

Students and supervisors
Individuals who struggle to realise their own scholarly and/or personal potential.
People in education who experience a sense of 'not being good enough' despite evidence to suggest otherwise.
High achievers who experience stress or anxiety about maintaining past successes.
People who experience a sense of 'not belonging' in a scholarly environment (e.g. first generation university students, people from diverse backgrounds, people enrolled in non-traditional programmes of study).