Braver Stronger Smarter

"In my mind, I know I can take on the world, but I’m terrified someone will find out I’m faking it."
Research respondent, Impostor Phenomenon in Women in STEM

Fear of success, fear of failure and limited confidence about advancement is stifling satisfaction, productivity and professional recognition in people all over the globe.
Braver Stronger Smarter is designed to help people recognise their true potential free of the fear of failure, fear of success and/or fear of being found out as a 'fake'.
For individuals, Braver Stronger Smarter offers a range of options from awareness 'taster sessions' to full day immersive workshops.

" are braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."
A.A. Milne

What you will learn

Taster Sessions

(introductory seminars and short workshops)

Learn what the imposter phenomenon is, what it is not and where it comes from. The short session offers a broad overview of how to diminish the feeling of being a fake at work, at home or in other personal and/or professional pursuits.
Sessions are conducted intermittently.
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Braver Stronger Smarter
The Workshop

(full day immersive workshop for individuals)

The interactive, immersive workshop goes beyond awareness raising and encourages individuals to identify and diminish barriers to personal and professional satisfaction. Strip away barriers to realising potential created and perpetuated by impostor experiences. Improve confidence, increase self-awareness and resilience.

Lead Braver Stronger Smarter

(full day immersive workshop and GC IndexⓇ profile report for leaders and aspiring leaders)

Specifically designed for leaders and aspiring leaders to live into an untapped potential.
Realise contemporary leadership capabilities and defy personal barriers to career success.
Learn to recognise and diminish workplace and cultural hurdles that fuel the inner impostor.
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Who Should Attend?

People who know they have more to achieve.
Individuals who struggle to realise their own true potential through fear of failure, fear of success and/or fear of being found out as a phoney.
Aspiring and current leaders who know they have more potential to bring to their team or organisation's mission.

One to One Coaching

(individual programme of coaching)

Enhance personal mastery and improve professional and personal resilience.
Work with accredited coaches to unravel underlying assumptions that fuel and perpetuate impostor feelings and experiences. Bespoke programmes with one to one coaching programmes.
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"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you"
Maya Angelou

Upcoming Events?

Check the 'Upcoming Events' section for more details.
Want more detail? Don't know which programme is right for you? We’re happy to chat through an option that’s a perfect fit.